CHIME in Illinois

About CHIME in Illinois (Center for Health Informatics Mobilizing Experts in Illinois)

Leveraging the student and faculty resources of the University of Illinois to help public health agencies with their COVID-19 data analysis

Public health agencies locally and globally are overwhelmed with the need to make data-based operational decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic, but often they do not have enough staff with the necessary data science skills. The University of Illinois has over 50,000 students, many with strong technical skills and professional experience who would like to use their skills to help combat the pandemic, but often they do not know how they can get involved or which projects are going to make a difference.

The Center for Health Informatics (CHI), in collaboration with the World Health Organization/Pan-American Health Organization (WHO/PAHO), is meeting these two needs with CHIME in Illinois. Through the CHIME in initiative, agencies who have identified specific technical and informational needs are matched with teams of students with the necessary skills and experience to work on their projects. All projects are under the supervision of CHI faculty members.

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