The Center for Health Informatics provides a home for researchers, students, and multidisciplinary teams to work with the broader health community to enhance their impact on health locally and globally through the advanced management, analysis, and representation of data and information.

The Center for Health Informatics is a World Health Organization / Pan-American Health Organization Collaborating Center. WHO/PAHO Collaborating Centers are institutions designated by the organization’s director-general to carry out activities in support of the organization’s programs.

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COVID-19 Related Projects

Project Requestor Illinois Partner
Ministry of Health communications WHO/PAHO Social Media Lab
Digital Health Fact-sheets WHO/PAHO CHI Staff
Data Science SOPs WHO/PAHO Dr. J. Jett / iSchool
Infodemic response WHO Social Media Lab
Stochastic SIR modeling IDPH Prof. R. Smith / VetMed
Vulnerable population mapping IDPH CyberGIS Center
Social media surveillance CUPHD CHI Staff
Technical evaluations CUPHD CHI Staff
Text-based AI Northwestern Clinical Pharmacology NCSA AI Group
COVID-19 education SAWBO CHI Staff
Evaluation of projects Community Developers CHI Staff